Frequently Asked Questions

Note: if your question is not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

I'm already seeing the major sites in D.C. What else is there to see and why should I see it by bike?

Washington, D.C. is an incredibly diverse and fascinating place. Our tours, led by full-time residents of the city, go far beyond the beaten path to give you an insider's view. In addition to major sites like the White House, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial, we'll take you to lesser known spots for a fuller and richer picture of the city, its residents, and its history. We'll explore vibrant neighborhoods all over town, from the most prestigious addresses to newly established communities of recent immigrants from all over the world who have energized and enriched D.C.'s cultural scene. Hip art galleries, historic homes, impromptu musical performances, nature preserves, and more await us! Exploring by bike will allow us to cover much more ground than a walking tour and at much closer view than a bus tour. We'll be a part of the life of the city rather than its bystanders!

So is this a history lesson by bike?

Think of it as an urban adventure. You will probably learn lots of new things, but we'll show you just as much about contemporary life in the capital city as about its history. We'll also take breaks for great views, photos, snacks, and conversation.

How much are the tours and what's included?

The price of the tour includes a bike, a helmet, and our guide(s). On tours where we stop for meals and/or snacks, the cost of the food/drinks is not covered by the tour price. But, in general, our meals are almost always at local restaurants away from tourist areas and far from tourist-area prices!

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes, of course. You will receive a $10 discount off total price of your tour.

Is it safe?

Yes! We know the streets and neighborhoods of our city. We avoid those with heavy traffic. There is a guide in front, and for groups of more than 4 people, one in back of the group, constantly looking out for your safety.

Helmets! Do I wear one?

Yes you do. We provide you one with the bike. Our riders are required to wear them at all times when riding. This is a requirement of our insurance, and is really not at all a bad idea in general!

What if it rains or storms?

In the case of inclement weather, we do not force you to ride in the rain. If it is raining, or going to rain, we will gladly issue you a full refund.

However, some of our guests do not mind riding in some rain, (also, our guides carry rain ponchos) and want to do the tour anyway. If enough people want to do it, we will do the tour just for those people.

How long are the tours?

Our regularly scheduled tours are about 6 hours in length, including time to purchase lunch and stop for snacks. Our custom tours vary in length, averaging in length from 4- 7 hours. We have found that anything less than 3 hours is essentially too short to really experience part of the city without feeling rushed.

Do you have to be very athletic to enjoy your tours?

No, you need only feel comfortable on a bicycle and be in reasonable physical shape. While it's true that bicycle riding is a skill you never lose, it's not a great idea to use our tours as a chance to "re-learn" how to ride a bike after many years of not riding!

In terms of the athleticism, since we stop frequently for insights, questions, photos, bathroom breaks, and snacks, our standard tours are quite easy-paced, averaging about 4 miles an hour!

Are these tours suitable for children?

We have found that are tours are suitable for most kids 12+ who can ride bicycles. The length of the tours, while leisurely and not tiring, may be a little much for kids younger than that, depending on their interests and attention spans. Although we try to pack our tours full of interesting information, we also keep it all fun and comprehensible for all. In other words, entertaining for adults and children alike. Like a Pixar film.

Do you offer customized tours?

Absolutely! You can request a ride based on the length and time you desire as well as the destination you have in mind. You can request a ride just for you, or with your family or your friends. We aim to please!

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel within 72 hours, there will be a 20% service charge. We do not give refunds with less than 24 hours notice.

Suppose I just want to rent a bike?

Our company does not rent bikes out to non-tour-goers, but the bike shop we depart from, Revolution Cycles at 220 Twentieth St, Arlington, VA does. Their phone number is 703-415-4560.